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  • Nav. setup 2012/2013 models
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  • 690 Quest - Details
  • 690 Quest - Details - nav. holder 2012 >
  • 690 Quest - Details - nav. holder 2012 >
  • 690 Quest - Details
  • Roadbook setup - Prototype
  • 690 Quest - Details
  • 690 Quest - Details
  • Roadbook setup - Prototype
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    • The original KTM 690 Enduro is already famous for its low fuel consumption. Adding the Quest kit with a capacity of 32 liters, divided over 3 tanks (front: 2 x 9 liters, rear: 14 liters) will allow for extreme long travel range. Travelers state that the Quest kit can take them over 800km of on-road use.

      The design of the tanks is slim and weight distribution of the gasoline is as far down as possible which guarantees you the perfect off-road handling and that "ultra-light" feeling. The knee position is natural and not bent outwards as you would be with other hi-capacity fuel tanks.

      All 3 tanks are made out of nylon in a rotating mold, making them extremely durable. Installed using rubber mounts to withstand the pounding and vibrations of off-road use, these tanks are almost unbreakable!


    • Every experienced off-road rider will agree. A seat must be slim and high. Slim to have the best contact with your bike while riding off-road, high to be able to stand up easily when riding through potholes and rough terrain.
      We chose to use a “Selle Dalla Valle” seat for the perfect balance between slim, height and comfort. The seat is made from wild-leather look and a small cardholder is added to the front of the seat to give it the perfect "Rally" look. Details are important!


    • Whoever travels knows that good lighting makes the difference. Although you may plan not to ride at night, the fact is that it will happen... At least once...

      We did not save a penny on the lighting system and used the best on the market. The lights are mounted inside rubber to withstand the toughest conditions and they are adjustable by moving the base plate.


    • Details are what make a travel kit perfect! We spent weeks tinkering, fine tuning, adjusting and perfecting every single part. You will notice this when you first unpack your kit and install it on your bike. It will fit perfectly! Don’t you hate those clumps of wires inside your bike? We hate them too so we made base plates to tuck away every single plug making your electrical system look neat and tidy like a Not only is this important for fitting the kit, but also as you travel. A clean setup providing easy maintenance will help you on the road. We can proudly say that the 690 Quest is as beautiful without the fairing as it is with!


    • Stylish 4 piece glass fiber fairing assembled together with stainless steel hardware, the fairing is not just a holder for your sticker kit. It will protect you and your expensive navigation equipment against dirt, dust and the elements. We chose to make it out of 4 separate parts to ensure it will withstand the extreme vibrations of off-road riding and make possible, the repair or replacement only the damaged panel(s) in a worst case scenario.

      The fairing is perfectly molded, rugged and reinforced with Kevlar in high stress areas, all with a perfect finish. Out of the box it's ready to receive the sticker kit. If you wish you can spray it in any color and will not need any filler or hours of sanding... Just a perfect high-quality finish!

      The fairing is installed on the bike with 4 high-quality quick connectors that make it extremely easy to remove. As the finishing touch, it's delivered standard with an aluminum grill, not only for better looks but also for better cooling of the bike.

What is included


    • - 4 glass fiber with kevlar reinforced panels to form the fairing. The side panels are white, the top fairing and bridge that holds the cooler grid are sprayed black.

      - all bolts, washers, nylon washers to protect the fairing, rubbers and nuts

      - 1 aluminium grid to finish off the fairing

      - 4 quick connectors, big nylon washers, lock rings and quick connector female parts to receive the quick connectors

      - black cable tie to mount the aluminium grid


    • - a connector to mount the nav tower on the frame including all bolts, clamps and nuts to mount it to the frame.

      - 2 aluminium cast brackets to connect the nav tower to the frame mount including bolts and nuts

      - 2 black anodized nav. tower side panels to form the base of the tower including bolts to mount the ignition lock, a new expansion tank, tank cap, hoses and clamps for the liquid cooling system, all bolts, washers, spacers and nuts

      - 1 black anodized lamp holder complete with 2 high-end halogen headlights and pre-mounted with press-nuts, rubbers, spacers, bolts, washers, nuts and cable tree to connect the lamps directly to the original cable tree.

      - 2 stainless steel fairing holders to receive the fairing quick connectors including bolts and washers.

      - 2 black anodized stability pins including bolts

      - 2 black anodized fearing pins to center the fairing to the tower including bolts

      - 1 stainless steel stability frame pre mounted with press nuts and prepared to fit all original electrical connectors. Bolts included.

      - 1 stainless steel lower stability frame ready to mount the air-sensor and indicator relay.

      - 1 aluminium black anodized cover plate including sticker for electrical plug layout

      - 2 adjustment rods including 4 push rod bearings, black anodized adjustment knob, thread pins, bolts and nuts

      - 4 anti vibration rubbers including bolts

      - 1 black anodized navigational base plate for mounting the speedometer and 1 inch x 1 inch based navigation systems including extra rubbers, spacers, washers, bolts and nuts.

      - extra electrical cable to extend the speedometer cable including crimp and cable hose

      - extension cable plus pre mounted connectors for extending the horn cable

      - extra electronic cable to extend the ignition switch including reinforcement hose and crimp.

      - cable ties for clean mounting of the cable work inside the nav tower

      - rubbers and protectors to make sure no cable can rip over the years on


    • - 2 whit sprayed 9 liter front tanks

      - 2 black anodized tank cap holders including 2 cap holder gaskets, 2 tank caps, 2 tank cap gaskets, 2 hose connector breeding hose, Y-connector, connecting hose and bolts

      - 2 Petcocks including 2 gaskets, bolts, connecting hose and hose clamps.

      - 1 stainless steel base plate including pre-mounted press nuts, gasoline pump, gasoline hose and hose clamps

      - 1 stainless steel front brakes including 2 pre-welded thread bushing, bolts, 4 rubbers to hold and protect the tanks, 2 aluminium spacers and bolts

      - 1 stainless steel base plate to receive the currency regulator, premounted with press-nuts including cable tie washers and bolts. A ground bolt kit including bolt, 2 special washer an nut.

      - a stainless steel bracket to re locate the ignition coil including ignition coil extension cable, spark plug extension cable, ground cable, cable-ties, bolts and nuts.

      2 stainless steel brackets to hold the rear part of the fuel tank pre welded thread bushing, 4 rubbers to hold and protect the tank, aluminium spacer, clamps rubbers, bolts and nuts

      2 anti-vibration rubbers, 2 stainless steel brackets, 4 rubbers to hold and protect the tank, spacers bolts and 2 u-shape nuts.


    • - 1 silk black rear tank 16 liter

      - 1 aluminium special connector to connect front and rear tank including gasket, washers and bolts

      - 1 tank cap holder including tank cap, tank cap rubber, hose connector and hose

      (In total 15 single parts)


    • - 1 stainless steel header made out of 2 parts including connector-springs, header clamp, bushing, spacers , rubbers washer and nuts. 1 exhaust


    • - 1 small bottle of paint in the frame color of your bike

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